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August 2009

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Pissed off D8

lovelyflonnie in school_jinks


*EDIT - So my friend pointed out that ninjas are human and human are animals. So I'm assuming that whoever counted the votes left ninjas in because they thought it was a nice sick joke relating to Science. Geez.

Seniors: Black and White Monkeys
Juniors: Red and Black Penguins
Sophmores: Black and Silver Pandas
Freshmen: Black and Blue Ninjas

Why is the Freshmen mascot an f-ing ninja?


BREAKING TRADITIONNNNNNNNNNNNNN. If these were the old times you know they'd be pelted with stones.

Well, I wouldn't ever pelt anyone with stones, but you get the idea.

But anyway, very unfair of the freshmen being able to be ninjas. I mean, if I knew we could just pick whatever the hell we wanted, there was no way my year would have voted for...Black and Silver Pandas. Ugh. I already got over the Panda issue now, but this ninja thing just reminded me of it.


Very WTF-ery and a little unfair. UGH. Monkeys, pandas and penguins will kick those ninjas' asses.
inorite D: It might not be "much of a big deal", but if you're thinking about it generally, they totally broke the tradition of choosing an animal. And it will suck more if the next year of incoming students do the same thing ):

I kinda feel bad for the freshmen though that they might be boo'd when their mascot goes through the homecoming thing. But I dunno..they probably won't care because they're gonna have AWESOME F-ING SHIRTS (I mean..if ninja was your theme for a shirt...how could you epic fail on that? EVEN WRITING EPIC FAIL NINJA WOULD STILL BE A GOOD SHIRT).