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School Jinks
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For your school-related hijinks and sucks!
Did that teacher of yours give you detention just for a dirty look? Maybe a classmate fooled around got you a big fat F grade on a group project? Or perhaps you're already a graduate but still remember the piercing screams of your angry professor? This is your place to be.

Here you can feel free to post about anything weird or sucky that's happened to you in the school setting. But before you press that post button, make sure to go over the rules:

1. When you post, please make it immidiately clear whether or not your story(ies) are about a suck or a WTF. Please do the same if it's something you witnessed/overheard instead of experiencing for yourself. With that said, please stay on topic.

2. You're all free to disagree, but don't make it personal. Play nice and don't use personal attacks, name calling, threats, e.t.c.

3. Teachers or students may give you a bum wrap, but that doesn't mean they should be on a hit list. Don't share any intentions (jokingly or not) of revengeful actions (a.k.a. Zorros)

4. Do not add to the suck/WTF with judgemental comments. Therefore, do not get the teacher/student's race, age, size, appearance, gender, religion, or anything else besides the sucky/WTF-y behavior involved with the post.

5. Only bold, strike and italics are allowed for text. Also, please use an LJ-cut if your post contains a relevant image or long text.

6. LJ-cuts are also be used for NSFW text, but any NSFW icons or images are not allowed.

7. Always consider your responsibility - an instructor giving you a big 200 point project is not a suck.

8. Trolling, macros, spamming, e.t.c is not allowed.